The 4 E’s of Effective Mentoring

We currently live in a world where strong male role models are in decline. Even more significant is the rise of absentee fathers, resulting in no male role models at all. The shortage of positive male influences in our society today is a very significant societal problem resulting in extended adolescence, the “entitlement” mentality, and men with no clear purpose in life. This has produced a lack of mentors to the next generation. Instead we have apathetic, passive men unwilling to lead themselves, their families or accept responsibility for their own actions. While this problem statement is geared towards men, the same can be said for woman as well.


The 4 E’s of Effective Mentoring is a fresh look at the dynamic of mentoring.

We believe the solution to this problem is purposeful yet organic, Christ-centered mentoring with an emphasis on building relationships. Loosely defined mentoring involves life-to-life exchanges that help others discover their passions and sort out their priorities. It’s a one-on-one relational process of mutual growth and “doing life” with another person leading to relationship and friendship.
Our vision of mentoring is predicated on two basic and foundational assumptions:

  • EVERYONE wants to tell their story
  • Men or woman cannot do life alone

This style of mentoring is based entirely on one of most basic and fundamental human needs; the need for connection. Connecting with another person at a heart and not just a head level; pouring our lives into the lives of others leaving no stone unturned. It’s loving another person with your eyes and respecting them with your body language; it’s giving to them the amazing gift of listening without prejudgment or condemnation.

First and foremost, a mentor establishes a “safe place” where there can be open, honest, spontaneous and most of all real communication. Second, the mentor uses the simplicity and brilliance of learning, unpacking and understanding the power in one’s own story. Hearing their story and sharing yours levels the playing field, encourages transparency leading to permission to speak into the life of another person.
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